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                      Dual Key House High Rental Returns

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Dual Key House High Rental Returns

  • We cover most locations, NSW, Qld, Vic.
  • We have House & Land Packages at various prices. fr $483k - $840k rentals from 5-7% PA.
  • Suitable for SMSF on 1 contract are available.
  • We have Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners ready to assist.

       Click here to view the Dual Key properties.

Unable to put together a deposit, contact us for more information and let us know what you are looking for etc.

Dual Key House and Land Packages are fully completed, tile and carpets, driveways landscaping full turn key finish.

Let us know what areas you are looking for and price.



Enquire Now: Barry Ison or Jane Peng

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