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Sydney 21st February 2022 Update


Property Update & Hot Tips by Barry Ison.

Australians on the move, property update.

Yes, people are moving from the cities to regional areas from Sydney and Melbourne.

This has caused shortages of suitable properties in these areas and increase capital growth plus higher rental returns.

In these regional areas Investors can see better returns with lower capital outlay.

Major cities prices are becoming too high for investors and returns lower. So reginal cities here they come.

Reginal areas re now becoming location of highest capital growth compared to their counter parts in the main capital cities.

The smart money in now on the reginal towns and capitalising on the growth of the area and new land releases for house & land.

However, the land shortages still exist and this is helping capital growth in the regional’s towns, the same as major cities.

Investor now need to adjust their thinking about investing in Real Estate now, as the market has changed over the last 2 years and things have changes that you would have thought about, including prices going upwards of $200,000 to $300,000. Also, shortage of land and opportunities due to these shortages.

The shortage of supply of new residential land will continue for next few years because the First Home Buyers purchased all registered land available. To recover it will take a few years as that the time required to bring supply back to where we were last year.

House and Land package in Newcastle/Hunter Valley have increase in price by $300,000 in last 12 months. Reginal areas have done very well with capital growth and I have a lot of happy investors, so become one now.

This has caused new investors problems as the growth has been so high that most people could not save that amount of money to now enter the market and now need to look to a different type of property investment. Due to price increase of $300,000.

At the lower end of the investment market to enter you now need to look at Units that are well located and in growth areas.

I have some great apartment investments with Luxury fittings and high ceiling and marble benchtops in various location. CALL ME. From $455,000 some with 5% plus rental returns.

For those who as I mention in July are sitting waiting for prices to drop, you have been proven wrong, its cost you money, and if wait again the same will happen.


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Sydney house shortage still continues from in 2014 with State Government acting to increase supply of land in coming years.

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Call Now Barry Ison: 0413 666 298

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