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House and Land Packages Brisbane

I have a vast number of locations that cover Brisbane and Queensland. Also, quality builders in these areas. As at 8-09-2020.

Prices can be as low as $330,000 for First Home Buyers, New House & Land package, also for investors good rental returns 4.5% plus.

·         Dual Key H & L packages from $490,000 for investors 5% plus rentals.

·         Duplex H & L packages from $650,000 to $1m with very good price uplift after completion from $80,000 to $150,000  and rental about 5% plus.

·         SMSF single contract from $430,000 4.5% plus.

Some of these properties have.

T&C apply

Please contact me and advise what location, type of property, price range, finance approve amount and I will get back to you to discuss location and details further.

These properties are suitable for First Home Buyers, Investors and SMSF investors.

For investors I have various options which I can discuss.

I also show investors how to start with their first investment property or 4th property. And build a property portfolio for themselves.

I can assist you with further support, such as Mortgage Brokers, Conveyancers, Solicitor, Financial Planner if you want to set up SMSF, tax depreciation schedules, property report after house is completion.

To add to this, for investors I can put together a Property Investment Analysis 5-7 pages showing estimated tax saving and the cost of your investment, this report is free.

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Buy a house and land packages in Brisbane area is a great choice; however, before doing so, you should also consider our full range of house and land packages throughout Australia. Browse the full range of house and land packages in Australia today.

Things to evaluate before purchasing House and Land Packages Brisbane 


House and land packages in Brisbane area is the best way to get your dream house without a hassle. We at Barry Ison Real Estate in Australia enable you to find the perfect packages for your new home and land. Here we mention the points that you can consider before your purchase and enables you to make the right choice:

1. Location

 The best way to start is by making the choice of a specific location. Here in Australia as a smart buyer you need to consider whether the important places like your workplace, market, public transport, and other important places are near? In case you have kids at home, what are the schools in the region like? Besides this for a wise choice of package one needs to evaluate the trending property in the area.

2. Cost Inclusions/Exclusions


Indeed, even once you've discovered your suitable land, you'll need to ensure you can easily manage the cost of the land and but also the cost of the house you are planning to build on this land. For this, you need to consult your builder before buying your house and land packages brisbane.  He is the one who can give you a brief detailing of the expenses and the services that might end up costing you extra.


3. Manufacturer Reputation and Experience


There are a number of house builders out in the market,  unfortunately they all are not capable to provide you with the best designs you are looking for. Making the right choice may be a bit difficult. So as a smart buyer, you need to take time. Aside from making the physical search Reading reviews and testimonials from people who have used the builder you’re considering, and query them specifically for referrals and about how long they’ve been in business.

4. Design Options


With regards to new homes, builders can change concerning what number of various floor plans and structure decisions they make accessible for some random square or advancement. Ensure that your builder comes up with the new design and is capable can transform your home proprietorship dreams into a reality before you submit!


5. Financial benefits

As the maintenance charges on new properties are comparatively lesser than the older ones. So, this house and land packages brisbane will let you save thousands on your purchase.


Well, if you are looking to purchase an investment home you will be glad to know about purchasing the house and land packages make a sound investment. These packages that provide the convenient and stress-free experience are a great choice.  Apart from having to go through the hassle of finding your own piece of expensive land on which to build a new home, one can appreciate the accommodation of streamlining the whole procedure and choosing a house and land package. In addition, with this kind of plan, you'll have the accommodation of having your advances for the land and development parts packaged into one simple package.


In short, if you are looking for the home and land packages brisbane offers then the renowned name like Barry Ison Real Estate offers you with appreciable packages in Brisbane, Australia. Why not get in touch to discuss all the best options. 

Queensland has various areas of growth in the coming years and investors should act NOW to take advantage of these opportunities before other do and you enter the market too late as many do.

High Capital growth is obtained by seeing what is about to happen in the future and acting now.

We monitor various areas of Qld and other states looking for areas of growth as Barry Ison did for himself purchasing properties in Qld.

The Queensland Government is investing large amounts of money in infrastructure for roads and rail to cater for the increase of population industry and to move forward with growing economy and lower unemployment with increased Government/Private spending on various projects.

future is looking very good for the future and it’s an ideal time for investor to make the best of this opportunity to buy now in high growth areas.

We do the market research for you and show what areas to look at, at various prices and types of property from House & Land, Townhouses, villas and units.

Some of the great types of properties are:



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