Sydney 24 th March 2020 Update

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Coronavirus – Aust Real Estate Market

What will happen to the Housing market?

With the virus impact on the share markets this could have a good positive outcome on the property market in comparison.

At times like this like in the past in 2008 GFC, and other times of extreme uncertainty and volatility, Australians tend to retreat to the safety of bricks and mortar.

Now the Rental figures show’s that in all States and Territories vacancy rate are below 3% and Capital growth rates are rising.

In 2019 there was reduction in the housing construction which causes shortages.

Now we are in the middle of the Coronavirus vacancies rates are low across Australia and the market is strong, with high demand from first home buyers, owner-occupiers and investors.

Our population is still growing by 200,000 PA. and people need somewhere to live.

With vacancy rates low and rental rising we can expect property prices to follow and increase.

The bottom line of this is, Real Estate has over recent times been a safe haven when other markets crash in Australia.

With interest rates at an all time low what a great time to invest in Real Estate.

Contact me now to see where your next investment could be in the Australian Real Estate Market.

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