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Property Update Overview. 1/09/2019

Plus, Investor purchase of the week. & Low Rates.

$585,000 Dual Key House & land 3+2 bedrooms, rent $710 pw

Interest rates as low as 1.50% (1.84%)*# Home loan rate#

This week we have more information regarding the Australian Real Estate Market and its future.

Sydney at Bottom however still overvalued, so caution required for future, slow growth over coming years and if growth becomes too high, we could be back to where we where 2 years ago, price corrections and banks making borrowing more difficult.

My Tip: Still Reginal Centres who are not connected to the State Capital Cities may do better, because of that reason, and do not need to go through the correction in the market due to oversupply and over pricing.

Some Reginal areas who due to their internal growth are better investments and have high wages, rentals and lower land cost represent a great investment opportunity.

Example of low return investment, Sydney Western Suburbs rentals are about 3- 4% rent return.

Now is the time to take advantage of low interest rates and high rental return to invest in areas with growing areas and higher rental return. Research the areas to invest in, I can help with the research.

All knowledgeable property investors look to buy at the bottom of real estate market to position themselves and take advantage of this opportunity and now is the time while interest rates are so low. See below.

Dual Key at Maitland/Newcastle area for $585,000 with 6% return ($710 pw) for investors looking at different markets. This purchase can help reduce your House Mortgage Interest Rate, Ask for more information now.

*# Reduce your mortgage sooner from buying Investment property. Home rate 1.50% (CPR 1.84%)

I have access to Lender who can help you with obtaining investment loan and reduced home loan interest rate at same time. Conditions apply TAP. Normal borrowing requirements to obtain loans apply.

The question is for you what do you want from your investment which can be obtain in this present Real Estate Market in Australia. I cover most states of Australia.

Contact me and I can help you.

Have a great day to all.

Barry Ison.

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