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Sydney 21st June 2022 Update


Property Update & Hot Tips by Barry Ison.

Welcome to the New Australian Property Market.

 Yes that’s right the Australian property market has changed.

The Australian market has never seen so many changes all at the same time than in the last few years.

A major change is the supply of materials locally, overseas and with higher labour costs, plus available registered land to build on.

High First Home Buyers Grants, also with Government guarantee to cover Lender Mortgage Insurance.

Home buyers where required to buy land and build within short period of time to qualify for the higher grants. This caused land shortage.

With all the changes including land price increases and build cost this meant new house package have increase by $250,000 to $300,000.

However, with the house costs increasing rental increasing and not keep pace with people’s income rentals returns are low.

New investment properties are now only obtaining 3-4% rental returns and even lower returns.

The answer is to look at reginal areas of Australia still showing high capital growth and high rental returns and also look at different types of property types.

I have House & land Package from $400,000 with up to 5% rental returns.

Units Project with high rental returns. From 6-7%

One Bedroom from $480,000 approx. rent $655 per week 7% rentals
Two Bedroom from $655,000 approx. rent $875 per week 7% rentals

Other Property Investments with Government income NDIS from $660k with 8-15% rentals return.

Land is in short supply and availability is 6 to 12 months away from being registered to build a home on it.

Due to the shortage of registered land. Land owner require buyers to have loan approval and ready to exchange on land contracts with 10% deposit.

I have brokers that can assist with loan application and we can assist you obtain the right investment property.


Contact me now and discuss your situation and how you can start in investing in real estate.

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Sydney house shortage still continues from in 2014 with State Government acting to increase supply of land in coming years.

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Call Now Barry Ison or Jane Peng: 0413 666 298

Call Now Barry Ison: 0413 666 298

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